Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church has a Rich History

   In 1925, Lincoln Heights was known as the "Sub",  an area of land up the hill from Lockland, Ohio.  There were few streets and houses.  Simmons Avenue was part of a parcel of land with beautiful trees, wild flower bushes and the only water pump in the "Sub".  This source of water made the parcel of land a popular and desirable location.  The "Sub" was an undefined location without a name and without a Baptist Church for the African American families that were settling here.  The need for God's Word in God's House inspired a group of determined Christians to hold service under a bush arbor in an open field on this parcel of land.  In the openness under God's sky the founding members of the Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church declared themselves a congregation.

Historical Highlights

 1925 Rev. Hudson, the first pastor, conducted the first service.  The first candidate for baptism, Sister Ida Fears, was baptized in Woodlawn Creek.  The first Sunday School was organized shortly after the first services began in April 1925. 
 1926 The first church was built by the Huber Construction Company, on land donated by the Haley Livingston Company.  The church was dedicated on the third Sunday in October.  Mt. Moriah became the first Baptist Church in what would become Lincoln Heights.
 1927 Rev. Wise became the second pastor of Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church.    Rev. Wise later started another church which was named Byrd Street Baptist Church ( now called Lincoln Heights Baptist)
 1927-1930  Rev. William Dorsey served as the third pastor of Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church.  Under his leadership, he organized the Trustee Board, Senior and Junior Choirs, Senior Usher Board and Senior Missionary Society.

 1931-1964  Rev. Charles Wesley became the fourth pastor and served thirty-three years until his death.  Under Rev. Wesley's leadership, a dedication service was held due to an enlarged and refurbished structure.  The Gospel Chorus, Male Chorus, Ever Ready Club and the Young Adult Choir were organized.  Rev. Wesley helped the pastors of Friendship and Ebenezer organize their churches.  In 1952, Mt. Moriah birthed a sister church...Tabernacle Baptist Church.
 Rev. James Wesley Jones became the fifth Pastor and served thirty-two years.    The Radio and T.V. Broadcast began, three vans and a school bus were purchased,  the Rev. Charles L. Wesley Scholarship Fund was established and a Prison Ministry was initiated.  In 1972, the Mt. Moriah Development Corporation sponsored a 71-unit housing development. (Oak Park)
 1998-2006  Rev. Dr. Harry L. White, Jr. was called as the sixth pastor and served eight years.  He led and empowered Mt. Moriah to establish the following new ministries: Harambee Development Corporation, Sisters Seeking Spiritual Growth, The Lord's Army, Sunday Morning Live (children's church), The Jesus Store, Teen Talk and the Marital Enrichment Ministry.  In 2004, the church fellowship hall was refurbished and in 2006 the sanctuary was updated and remodeled. 
 2007  Rev. Dr. Taijuan O. Fuller  is the seventh pastor of Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church.  Dr. Fuller's objective is to carry out The Great Commission, promote the edification of the saints as well as to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Over the past 3 years under the leadership of Dr. Fuller, a new Praise Ensemble been implemented, a new youth and young adult choir, marriage ministry has been revitalized and Mt. Moriah has set new recoreds for attendance in its Wednesday night Bible Study classes.  Also, a new missions initiative has been instituted which includes a quarterly outreach feeding program for the community as well as a foreign missions partnership with World Vision ministries.  Furthermore, a minister's training program has been implemented as well as a Youth Church program during Dr. Fuller's tenure here at Mt. Moriah.

We thank God for our visionary Pastors who dedicated their lives to the work of advancing God's kingdom in our church and community.    Mt. Moriah has stood through many storms.  Mt. Moriah has served God and brought fellowship to thousands.  Praise God for his grace and mercy. Praise Him for the disciples who overcame hardship and heartache to erect the House of the Lord where we worship today.  They are our ancestors, who knew and believed that the love of our Savior Jesus Christ would conquer all.

"And I also say to you that you are Peter,
and on this rock I will build My church,
and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it"

Matthew 16: 18